Hello, I’m Yves Bennaïm (@ZLOK), a Swiss scholar, writer, and essayist.

After over 30 years of Internet pioneering, I have specialised since 2011 on studying Bitcoin and its Blockchain, specifically regarding their societal and political aspects.

In 2017, I founded 2B4CH, a not-for-profit think tank I currently chair, focusing on assisting industries and governments in understanding the social and financial impacts of Bitcoin and its Blockchain, and more generally so-called cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets.

Since 2017, I write the Bitcoin and its Blockchain column in Swiss business magazine Bilan. I am also the author of the Swindles in the World of Cryptoassets column in daily Swiss newspaper Le Temps.

Shortly after their creation, I joined CEN and ISO technical committees for the standardisation of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), where I chair as lead expert for Switzerland.

Deeply interested in ideas worth spreading, I launched and curated TEDxGeneva in 2009 & 2010.

Le Temps newspaper published a portrait (in French).

I was also interviewed in various media regarding Bitcoin.

You can contact me via: Twitter, Linkedin, Nostr, or email.

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